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品一蟹王 Pin Yi Crab King [Closed]

Pin Yi is a Chinese restaurant, a newly open hidden gem tucked away at Bukit Batok Cresent. Some of their signature dishes include of course the name speaks for itself, marmite chicken drumstick, golden salted egg prawn and many more, do look out for the chef’s recommended icon in the menu.

Pin Yi Chinese New Year set and Poon Choi also has started so quickly make your reservation as soon as possible. Families or Company looking for a nice, cosy airconditioned restaraunt for Chinese New Year celebration feast can make your reservation now. Poon Choi is a Cantonese cuisine which has been variously translated as “big bowl feast”, “basin cuisine” or “Chinese casserole”

By word of mouth through recommendation we got to try the Chinese New Year set starting from $388 the menu selection filled variesties of festive ingredients including the colorful and lucky Yu Sheng as well as other classic dishes.

Chinese New Year Set

– 三星捞生 Three Treasures Yu Sheng
– 盆菜 Poon Choi
– 干贝蟹鱼翅 Braised Shark’s fin soup with crab meat & scallop
– 港蒸红斑 Hong Kong style steamed red grouper
– 沙皮鸡 Crispy skin chicken
– 双味排骨 Double flavored ribs
– 八味腐皮蒸珍宝 Eight treasures wrapped with beancurd sheets
– 鲍贝荷菜饭 Clam abalone lotus leaf rice
– 白果芋泥 Steam yam with ginkgo nuts

三星捞生 Three Treasures Yu Sheng

Sharing from the boss their yusheng’s carrot, white radish and cucumber are hand shredded from the freshest ingredients and soaked in ice water then dried up and repeat steps to maintain the original texture of the vegetables.

There are freshly peeled pomelo, abalone slices, clam slices and salmon slices to go with the yusheng.

*Notice the thinly sliced vegetables that slips down your throat

盆菜 Poon Choi

The main shout out dish for the course. This Poon Choi is awesome especially the broth was rich and tasty with so much fresh ingredient in the pot. The ingredients are significance in the Chinese culture and flavors in the pot are abalone, scallops, sea cucumber, dried oyster, prawns, fish maw, roasted duck, roasted chicken, roasted pork, high grade shiitake mushroom, fatt choy, broccoli, Chinese cabbage and taro.

干贝蟹鱼翅 Braised Shark’s fin soup with crab meat & scallop
Yes Shark’s fin soup and rarely you can find in restaurant now and the soup is really deliciously satisfactory.

港蒸红斑 Hong Kong Style Steamed Red Grouper

A steam red grouper is always a beloved dish, the red grouper meat was sweet and smooth with with soy sauce and simply perfect and well prepared.

沙皮鸡 Crispy skin chicken

This dish was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside and topped with their special sweet sauce. They were gone in seconds:)

双味排骨 Double flavored ribs

For the red ribs they were cover in glistening barbecue sauce and the other one with special marinated sweet sauce balanced with the fresh fish floss. The fish floss were really delicious and you would feel like ordering just the fish floss. Maybe the chef might came out something more from the fish floss.

八味腐皮蒸珍宝 Eight treasures wrapped with Beancurd sheets
This will be similar as Poon Choi but I guess in Vegetarian style

鲍贝荷菜饭 Clam abalone lotus leaf rice
The lotus leaf rice smell really good the moment it was cut off, can see there were more clams, dried oysters and Chinese sausages making it flavorful also I guess at this point of time your tummies were already bloated.

白果芋泥 Steam yam with ginkgo nuts
Ended the course with steam yam desserts usually they are essentially the same except it was in creamier form with some coconut milk and ginko nuts in the thick paste.

Not easy to find a restaurant that has such standards and have free parking in the area too !

Call 6316 5333 to book now !

Prestige Centre, 71 Bukit Batok Cresent
#02-02 (Ground Floor) Singapore 658071

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sun 11:00AM – 10:00PM


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