Authentic Charcoal Mookata at Paya Labar – Kin Nam Nam (KNN)

We got an exclusive preview of Kin Nam Nam (KNN)’s food ahead of their grand opening on 13 April 2019. Located in the Paya Lebar area, the kopitiam. Kin Nam Nam (KNN) is found in is about 3 minutes’ walk from Bartley MRT station.

Come and meet the super friendly KNN trio !


Their sets are affordably portioned and priced, with a set for 2 costing $24 (about $12 per person), while a set for 4 will set you back $45. Add-ons are also available, ranging from pre-marinated meats and your usual fare of vegetables and basic seafood ingredients.

Instead of using a gas-powered stove, KNN uses charcoal to heat the pot instead for a more authentic experience, which also infuses your food with a smoky bbq flavour. Our experience was that the charcoal generates more heat than a gas stove, so your food will cook faster. Be sure to watch your food so it doesn’t burn!

If budget permits, we recommend topping up your platter with fresh seafood. Not only is the seafood handpicked by the chef, adding them into your soup base elevates its flavour and gives it a umami taste. You should also try their marinated meats as well. Three different kinds of marinated chicken are available – lemongrass, black pepper, and garlic. We highly recommend the getting both the black pepper and lemongrass-marinated chicken, since it’s not a marinade often used.

To complement the mookata, the KNN trio have also developed their homemade red spicy suki sauce and green tangy seafood sauce. You can dip your food in the sauces either as they are, or mix the sauces together for the ultimate spicy and tangy taste.

My favourite, black pepper chicken is a must to order when you are here. The charcoal is KNN hot and again be sure to watch your food so it doesn’t burn! Ask for more pork lard to bbq if you like to cook your own crispy pork lard.


Check out their Facebook for KNN promotions !

321 Upper Paya Lebar Road
Singapore 534944

Opening Hours:
Daily: 5pm – 5am


Call: 8855 6969 to book your table


Kin Nam Nam Menu




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