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Martabak Manis

Best Martabak Manis in Singapore

Let’s talk about the Indonesian/Malaysian dessert called Martabak Manis, which closely resembles a Singaporean delicacy that is Min Jiang Kueh. The Indonesian variant is usually bigger, fluffier, and filled with toppings—a delicious treat that will delight your sweet tooth.

I searched for famous places that offered authentic Indonesian Martabak Manis and stumbled across this joint, Smile Martabak. Their website says, “Singapore #1 Authentic Indonesian Martabak.” Quite a bold statement, if you ask me. I hope it is true.  I also read a few reviews, and I really like how one food critic prefers his Martabak Manis, which is filled with chocolate rice, sweet corn, and crushed peanuts. A unique combination, but yummy!

Martabak Manis Chocs

In the world of Martabak Manis, operators are on a constant quest for creativity. They start getting intensely creative with their iterations and offerings in an effort to stand out from competitors.

If this is your first time experiencing Martabak Manis, welcome aboard! It’s a ride like no other.

Preparing Martabak Manis may be a simple process, but it takes skill to master the pancake batter and griddle timing while cooking. The batter is colored and flavored to add more flavor, such as red velvet or green tea. Typically a 20cm griddle is used for cooking and is heated before the batter is poured. The batter begins to thicken, and a thin crust is formed around the edges.

Once the pancake is toasted on the outside, toppings can be added. You can spread butter, cheese, condensed milk, and chocolate on the hot pancake. Here’s a pro tip: Martabak Manis is incomplete without the inclusion of generous shavings of Kraft Parmesan cheese.  This makes the pancake more flavorful and sumptuous than ever before as it gives it a nice saltiness.

The Indonesian Martabak Manis, no doubt, takes the cream of the crop when it comes to Martabak Manis. I can understand why the Indonesians love it as their favorite street snack.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to Indonesia for this. If it means that we can get our delicious Singaporean food without having to pay an airfare ticket, then count me in!

Smile Martabak is a good place to enjoy Indonesian Martabak Manis pancakes in Singapore. This outlet serves various varieties of Indonesian Martabak Manis such as Original Choco-Cheese, Pandan Cheese Milk, Ondeh-Ondeh Special, and Red Velvet Oreo.  These Indonesian pancakes at Smile Martabak are made using premium authentic and halal ingredients, and an Indonesian Muslim chef bakes the pancakes themselves.

You can learn more about Smile Martabak and their range of Martabak Manis Indonesian pancakes in Singapore by visiting their website or official Facebook page. You can follow for updates to stay updated on available menu items for delivery as well changes to opening hours.





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