Johor Road Boon Kee Pork Porridge at Veerasamy Road

The same coffee shop at Veerasamy Road where Victor’s Fried Chicken Wings is located also houses one of the best Hainanese porridge: Johor Road Boon Kee Pork Porridge.

Be prepared to wait though, especially if you’re heading there during lunchtime. Even though there wasn’t any queue (the stallkeeper gave buzzers with a number to notify us when the food was ready), we still waited for over 15 minutes. If you’re wondering when the number resets, it does so around the 35 to 40 mark.


The porridge was served traditional-style – with preserved vegetable, shallots, and nicely seasoned sliced pork, stomach, liver and meatballs. The porridge was thick and smooth, and the egg was cooked just the way we like it, not too runny and raw. Perfect as comfort food, especially during rainy weather!

The only complaint we had was about the youtiao – it was not crispy enough. It tasted too chewy, almost as if it has “lao-hong-ed”. But this is something we can overlook, since it didn’t diminish the overall quality of the porridge.


638 Veerasamy Rd,
#01-101 Yi He Eating House,
Singapore 200638

Opening Hours:
6:45am–2:30pm Daily (Sat Closed)

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