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金都海鲜餐馆 Dim Do Restaurant Seafood

Dim Do famous for their Tze Char, Seafood and BBQ items (lok lok) with many skewered items to choose from. Mee tai mak and BBQ chicken wings will be seen on every tables.
This place is nearer to Woodlands immigration check point thus most of the customers were from Singapore.

Recommended dishes to try will be the Mee tai mak (老鼠粉) serve with a sweet clear broth and it was good to pair the the greasy BBQ and tze char dishes. It has a unique sweet taste and you will ask for more servings.

The curry fish head was curry flavorful, the fish meat was thick and tender.

Other dishes were also not bad but I feel the cereal prawns could be better.  Yet to try BBQ chicken wings although it is very popular here, will be back for this next time. This place can be a quick fix for lok lok (BBQ) cravings.

23 Jalan Sutera, Taman Sentosa
Johor Bahru
Johor 80150

Opening Hours:
5:00pm to 3:45am

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大排档 Restoran Sing Lok Lok Steamboat – Malaysia

One of the best local food that which my friend brought me to eat. 大排档 Restoran Sing Lok Lok Steamboat it is one of the better lok lok  stalls in Johore. This post came abit late as they shifted to...


Amphawa Boat Noodle (SuteraBranch) – JB

In Sutera Mall are there is this nice and cosy restaurant, Amphawa Boat Noodle(Sutera Branch) which serve their signature Boat Noodle RM1.90 per bowl. The Tom yum soup boat noodles were surprisingly good...


Soon Huat Bak Kut Teh 新山顺发肉骨茶: Hidden Gem in Johor Bahru(JB)

After reaching JB, the first thing to to fill the hungry tummy with food at Soon Huat Bak Kut Teh where you can customize your ingredients and order other sides dishes such as beancurd skin, preserved...


You Kee XO Restaurant (有记XO烧腊之家)

You Kee XO Restaurant popular for their roasted meat, especially their Crispy XO Roasted Duck, Roasted Pig, Roasted Chicken and Roasted Pork Belly BBQ Char Siew. It is also one of the choice to dine in...


Seven Oaks Bakery Cafe

Seven Oaks Bakery Cafe The food was good and the ambiance was good as well. They are really famous for their salted egg yolk molten croissants. It was a great place for hanging out with your buddies or...


Restoran 59 Abalone Noodles 59鲍鱼粿条汤

A large bowl of Abalone noodle soup @ RM11 with 3 pcs abalone. The bowl of soup comes with pork slices, clams, abalones, fishballs, prawns and flat noodles (kuay teow). The soup stock is delicious from...


Special Ipoh Chi Chong Fun @ Restoran Tyson (JB)

“Chee cheong fun” a rice noodle roll is a Cantonese dish from Southern China also in Hong Kong commonly served as small meal, snack or dim sum. In Singapore we usually had them as breakfast...


Restoran Ong Kee (Tauge Ayam) – 安记芽菜鸡炒河粉

The local highly recommended Restoran Ong Kee Tauge Chicken when you are visiting ipoh. It was joy savouring simple ingredient like kampong chicken with tender lean meat, thick stalk bean sprouts and...


2 Days 1 Night in Malacca

Christ Church is an 18th-century Anglican church in the city of Malacca, Malaysia. Smack right at the heart of the city and located just beside Jonker street. This is the place for selfie, wefie and...