[Closed] Kinnaree Thai – Authentic Thai Cuisine

The newly open Thai restaurant is located just right behind Lasalle, near wikiedge. For those who drive, there are plenty of parking lots just right in front of restaurant. The parking is complementary too! Just remember to ask for the parking coupon from the restaurant staff after having your meal.

Right now they are having a lunch set deal as part of their opening promotion. Any main dish will come with Thai milk tea and a bowl of Tom Yum Soup. We also heard that they will be having an all-day promotion starting fromAugust 1, comprising of a main dish, fish/prawn cake and a drink, all for $9.90.

We tried the standard Thai dishes that were part of the lunch set:

Thai omelette minced meat with rice
We were not expecting a plate of plain white rice blanketed by the minced meat omelette, so the dish looked very unassuming at first sight. Just wished that there were some vegetables at the side.

Stir fried basil leaves minced meat with rice (+$1 add egg)
The level of spiciness is just right. With the extra $1 cost of the egg, I feel that it’s not worth it by itself, but as a set, the price is fine.

Phad thai
First look at his padthai is like horfun abit on the wetter side as compared to the usual padthi but the taste actually is not that bad and personally I preferred slightly sweeter padthai and this fit my taste bud. The prawns they served here are fresh.

Stir fried glass noodle
The consistency of the glass noodles was good. It’s not too soft or mushy, nor too hard as well. If we visit again for lunch next time, we want to try the one stir fried with chicken or pork.

We went back to restaurant again, this time to try their dinner set, which cost $69 and consists of:

– Vegetables
– Tom Yum Soup
– Grilled Chicken
– Pork Salad
– Fish/Prawn cake
– Fried Sea Bass

Personally we like the Grilled Chicken because it is very appetising, and you can find them easily in Thailand.

Kinnaree’s Tom Yum soup tasted different from the others as well. They probably added in coconut milk. The soup also contain salmon, something you don’t see at all.

Their fish cake and prawn cake were also not bad, especially the prawn cake. You could taste the springiness of the prawn with each bit.

Prawn cake – Must try

The fried sea bass was crispy and well-fried, which was  topped with mango salad and sweet anchovies.

The boss also threw in some complimentary crispy kang kong. It’s out first time trying this and it tastes like potato chips snacks. It should go very well with beer. Hopefully, Kinnaree will offer some alcohol soon.

Overall for the set, we rate it 7.9/10. The food wasn’t too bad and if the cost is split among 3 people, it’s worth it.

– New all day promo at $9.90 (main dish + prawn cakes + Ice lemon Tea)
– Carpark coupon (Subject to min spending of $30 and to availability of the coupons)
– Student all day 10% discount (excludes promotional meals)

from Kinnaree’s facebook page


1A Short Street , #01-03
Singapore 188210

Opening hours:
11:00 AM – 3:00 PM, 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM


Location map:

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