Griddled & Pasta

A newly opened Western food stall at the Blk 201 Tampines coffeeshop, Griddled & Pasta sells comfort food at affordable prices. Their meats are well seasoned using the chef’s unique herb recipe . Another interesting point is seeing rosti being offered as part of their menu, something you rarely see in your everyday kopitiam

Grilled Chicken Chop

One thing to comment is the meat was huge, tender and the chicken skin was crsipy too.


Teriyaki Chicken Chop

If normal chicken chop sauce is too traditional you can order the Teriyaki sauce chicken chop it was good as well for those we like sweet taste.

Sizzling Hotplate
True to the dish’s name, the dish was sizzling when it was sent to our table. In fact, it was sizzling so much that the sauce dried up in no time! The meat portions were also huge yet tender.

Salmon and Mushroom Pasta

Fresh and well cooked salmon and pasta covered over my the creamy sauce just like you were in a restaurant.


Pork Chop
Was lucky that the stall was new the boss let us tried the pork chop as they wanted some feedback from this dish. Usually pork meat get harden easily if overcooked but Griddled & Pasta cook this dish perfectly moreover the pork chosen had some fat and when you put into your mouth….. OMG.


201C Tampines st 21
Tampines Estate, Singapore 523201

Opening Hours:
11:30AM – 9:30PM

Griddled & Pasta

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