Victor’s Famous Fried Chicken Wing at Veerasamy Road

Victor’s famous fried chicken wing is located at Veerasamy Road.  You can find the stall in a coffeeshop, is always crowded with people during lunchtime, where they are either queuing or waiting patiently for their food buzzer to sound and collect their food.



Although there will always be a queue at Victor’s, it moves fast as well. Every item on their menu is delicious and easy on your pockets. You probably won’t spend more than 8 dollars here.


The highlight of their menu is of course, their fried chicken. Flavourful and not too oily, their fried chicken is covered with a well-marinated crispy shell full of crunch. The chili sauce complemented the fried chicken very well, giving it a tangy kick to the chicken’s flavour.

You can either order and eat it by itself, or as a set, which comes with rice and soup.

If you’re put off by how plain the dish looks, you can top the dish with a sunny side up egg. You can request for the yolk to be fully cooked or runny. We personally prefer the yolk to be runny, since it can be mixed with the rice, or, eaten with the chicken for added flavour.


Other than the popular Fried Chicken Wing Rice, you can also order Roasted Chicken Rice, Chicken Fried Rice, Chicken Macaroni, Sweet & Sour Chicken Rice and Lemon Chicken Rice. But the whole point of visiting the stall is to try their fried chicken, so we suggest you eat that. If you still have stomach space remaining, you can try the remaining dishes.


638 Veerasamy Rd,
#01-101 Yi He Eating House,
Singapore 200638

Opening Hours:
8.30am to 8pm daily

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