Butter Chicken with Naan – Indian Pakistan Cuisine

Chicken and Naan at Sim Lim Square Food court.

This is one of my favourite place for some North Indian carvings, Almost every one of the dishes are mouth watering, Price are reasonable as it is at Sim lim Square’s basement foodcourt

The naan was molded into shape and included with the bits of garlic to be prepared in the that mud/stone stove after you had made your order. The Naan was delicate yet chewy, and the garlic added aroma to the naan. It get cold easily as it was an air-conditioned food court.

The other thing that I didn’t exactly expect was that the butter chicken was and were served on a hotplate which made them sizzled. The gravy were creamy, thick and the chicken portions were quite a lot and taste soft and tender with the rich smoky aroma of Indian spice and butter.

1 Rochor Canal Road , 188504
Sim Lim Square

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