Seven Oaks Bakery Cafe

Seven Oaks Bakery Cafe

Seven Oaks Bakery Cafe

The food was good and the ambiance was good as well. They are really famous for their salted egg yolk molten croissants.

It was a great place for hanging out with your buddies or family and a great coffee plus a great environment or a short one day getaway.

Really enjoyed the savoury mains and desserts here.

Exterior and interior of the cafe restaurant


Hawaiian pizza and mushroom toast bread


Beef Burger and Carbonara


Salted egg charcoal and lava toast


Blended Mocha and Matcha


salted egg yolk molten croissants

Texture of the croissant was crispy on the outer side and soft on the inside. It was also topped with biscuit crumbs to have that crispy and sweetness. The flowing egg yolk custard was rich and flavoury and it was quite a mess eating it.


134, Jalan Serampang, Taman Pelangi
Johor Bahru 80400

Opening Hours:
9am – 11pm



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