Ipoh Chi Chong Fun - Restoran Tyson JB

Special Ipoh Chi Chong Fun @ Restoran Tyson (JB)

“Chee cheong fun” a rice noodle roll is a Cantonese dish from Southern China also in Hong Kong commonly served as small meal, snack or dim sum. In Singapore we usually had them as breakfast with dark sweet sauce. There are many different varieties of Chee Cheong Fun usually with char siew, prawns or mushroom and with dark sweet sauce or soy sauce.


However Perak style – Ipoh Chi Chong Fun (Chee Cheong Fun) was indeed special. The Chee Cheong Fun was like “Kway teow” and “Hor Fun” and mixed with the ingredients and drizzled their special curry sauce it tastes really good.

62, Jalan Badik, Taman Sri Tebrau
80050 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Review Overview

It is like chee cheong fun + yong tau foo with curry sauce, overall it is tasty and fun to eat.

  • Holiao8
User Rating: 3.8 ( 1 Votes )

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