Jia Xiang Fried Kway Teow (家鄉炒粿条)

Carrot cake is a delicious local dish that everyone must try when they are here in Singapore. The sign board says it all 家鄉炒粿条 hometown fried kway teow.

However to get your day started is to get a decent satisfying plate of carrot cake. Usually carrot cake dish came in white and black version and personally I prefer the black version which taste a bit sweeter because of the black sweetened sauce and just $3 of decent chunks of eggs and carrot cake and slightly more savoury than the white version.

The food was good and waiting time for the dish was fast and not sure why there are no queue for this stall. I will try their white version of carrot cake next.
Golden Mile Food Centre
505 Beach Rd
Singapore 199583

Opening Hours:
11am – 8pm

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User Rating: 4.6 ( 5 Votes )

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