Nang in a bottle – Ice Cream Yogurt

First time trying Nang in a bottle and it was delivered on time in a cooler bag.

The cooler bag was packed with 6 beautiful crafted bottles of Yogurt Ice Cream and all of them taste great. The Yogurt ice cream was indeed refreshing and fresh. Personally I like the Mango and lychee flavors.

Saw in on their facebook page and didn’t know there are various health benefits that yogurt has to offer.

  1. Healthy digestion – Probiotics keep the digestive tract free of disease causing bacteria
  2. Weight loss – Helps to burn fat around the belly
  3. Stronger Bones – Source of calcium that reduces the risk of osteoporosis
  4. Protein – Provides amino acids for the muscle to repair
  5. Carbs – Replaces the depleted energy stores

Check out their facebook page for booth event or head over to their website and order to your doorstep.


Nang in a bottle Facebook

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