Otoko – Japanese Curry and Donburi at Sultan Plaza

Otoko – Japanese Curry and Donburi at Sultan Plaza

An inconspicuous-looking stall selling Japanese food nestled at Sultan Plaza in a coffee shop name Sultan’s Cafe, Otoko offers decently-priced set dishes from $6.80. Like most Japanese stalls in a normal food court, Otoko’s offerings range from signature curry set to the usual chicken, pork, or salmon rice sets. Unlike those Japanese stalls, though, most of Otoko’s set meals come with an onsen egg and salad as well.

The rice they serve deserves mention. Unlike your mom-and-pop Japanese food stalls at a food court, Otoko imports their rice from Iwate, which is known for their Hitomebore rice. “Hitomebore” means love at first sight. As the name suggests, this rice is loved by many people in Japan. It has a reputation for its tenderness and softness, which you should try.

otoko japanese food menu

They also have an outlet in Hougang. Compared to their Lavender outlet, their Hougang one allows you to customise your meal, as well as offer sushi in their menu. We will visit the outlet there someday. If you’re interested to visit them first, you can find them at The Midtown: 1187 Upper Serangoon Road, #01-20, The Midtown, Singapore 533971 (Hougang MRT)

Teriyaki Chicken Don

Teriyaki Chicken Don $6.80 (new menu)

We tried their Teriyaki Chicken Don coated with Teriyaki sauce, which is served with an onsen egg, soup, egg with potatoes salad, and rice. Priced at $6.80 (new menu), we think it is well worth the money.

Tori Karage Don

Tori Karage Don $6 (old menu)

On the other hand, the Tori Karage Don $6 (old menu) had generous servings of karage. The karage was crispy on the outside, and juicy on the inside and was marinated with osaka style sauce. The dish was covered with bonito flakes as well. With an onsen egg, it would be even better. With the new menu the Tori Karage Don is price at $7.80 maybe improved ingredients?

Otoko Signature Curry Set

Otoko Signature Curry Set $7.80 (new menu)

Priced at $7.80 (new menu), Otoko Signature Curry set came with an onsen egg, crispy pork cutlet, and tempura, all atop a fluffy white rice, surrounded by a sea of Japanese curry. The dish was accompanied by salad and miso soup. The curry now taste abit salty compared to before.

While Otoko tries to remain affordable for everyone, they are still affected by rising food costs. Recently, they increased the prices of their dishes by 80 cents. Hopefully, most people should still find their set meals within their budget. Overall holiao la with salad and not bad miso soup somemore.

Otoko’s menu


Sultan Plaza 92 Jalan Sultan
Singapore 198996


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