Cedar Point 食德福美食中心

Great place for good food with varieties for a bargain. It is walking distance from Grand Paragon hotel.

Hokkien mee
A friend recommended us to try the hokkien from this stall. Overall the price is good with quite a big portion and just enough for 5 people for the main dish.



Satay is traditional normally made from chicken, mutton or beef and pork satay is really rare. Tamoi stall recommend food will be pork satay try it and you will know the marinade is excellent and texture of the meat was tender and smooth. Dip the satay into the satay peanut sauce for a more savoury taste.

cedar_satay2 cedar_satay


Fried Oyster
The stall owner was generous with the fresh big oyster
cedar_friedoyster cedar_friedoyster2


Note: Need to eat it when it is served if not the (fried dough) youtiao will become soft.
cedar_rojak cedar_rojak2


Just ask for the fresh ones when you are ordering

cedar_cockles cedar_cockles2


BBQ Chicken wing
Out of all the dishes we had this BBQ chicken wing is the best for the night. One bite you can feel the tenderness and juiciness of the chicken. MUST TRY HOLIAO
cedar_bbqchickenwing2 cedar_bbqchickenwing


Buah long long
When visiting Malaysia for food the best drink to accompany with food will be buah long long.

A juice from this fruit official name is “Spondias dulcis” also known as (Kedondong, Umbra, Ambarella, Bell Fruit, Hog Plum or even Tahitian Apple) and with plum added to this drink for a refreshing sweet sour taste.


Cedar Point 食德福美食中心
Jalan Musang Bulan
80250 Johor Bahru, Johor

More holiao to try next time

Clay pot chicken rice
Sambal Grill stingray
Fish head curry

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Great place for good food with varieties for a bargain

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