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All The Batter – Avocado Themed Cafe @ (Adelphi Park)

An avocado themed cafe serving everything through Avocado and Natural foods.

Enjoy your weekend or need something with Avocado Chocolate Drink with no added sugar and using fresh avocado, soymilk, dark chocolate, honey and yoghurt cream. A guilt free, natural and refreshing drink and suitable for whom are health conscious.

Can’t get enough of Avocado let’s try their signature Avocado Rhapsody slice also made with fresh avocado and other rich and awesome stuff in between the layers of the cake. The cake was rich with avocado and not too sweet.

Overall it was a nice dessert experience at All The Batter


Cafe Address:
17 Jasmine Road, Adelphi Park S576585
Opening Hours:
Sat and Sunday only – 11am to 930pm

Dessert kiosk Address:
Anchorpoint #B1-46 S159953
Opening Hours:
Daily – 1130am to 930pm




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