Rich and Good Cake Shop

A old school bakery shop which sell super duper soft like sponge swill roll

Tried the Green Tea Swiss Roll and it was soft and fluffy and the filling inside is super full too. Once you eat in you couldn’t resist to put another piece into your mouth.

The sell different flavor such as Kaya $8, Durian $8, Mandarin orange $8, Green tea with red bean $8, Strawberry $7, Blueberry $7, Chocolate $7 and Coffee $7.

Definitely going try the other flavors of Swiss roll.

24 Kandahar Street
Singapore 198887

Opening Hours:
8:30am – 5pm (close on Sunday)


Review Overview

Really delicious swiss roll cake once you start, cant stop :)

  • Holiao8.4
User Rating: 2.7 ( 1 Votes )

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