The Happy World [Closed]

Just along Bali lane, you can enjoy this Old School confectionery cafe which serve traditional coffee toast, snacks, desserts, pastry and with nostalgic souvenirs. Relive 70s Singapore here.


The cafe is nice, clean and quiet and the staffs there were very helpful and friendly it is a nice place for a coffee break. QqGot the chance to sit back and tried some coffee, Chendol and Muah Chee. The Chendol was nice and I think gula malaka was added for the sweetness.


Next was the Muah Chee with different flavors. They have some varieties but the staff recommend panda and bandung flavors. As you can see the serving was well presented it will increase your appetize.


Hipsters who wants to try different flavor of Muah Chee can come here to try.

25 Bali Lane


Review Overview

Quiet and clean cafe with nice atmoshpere

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