Xian(鲜) Seafood White Bee Hoon [Closed]

It was worth a visit to Xian(鲜) Seafood White Bee Hoon which is located at a coffeeshop in Ubi Avenue 1. This stall only specialise in Seafood white beehoon which comes in different varieties like la la(clams), shrimp, mixed seafood, crayfish and flower crab white beehoon.

Tried the $25 selection as we need to fill 4 person hungry tummy. The beehoon was silky and immersed in the broth, the cabbages were cooked until very soft which makes the broth taste good. It was a good mix of fresh seafood including crayfish, prawns, lala, cabbages and pork lard. We couldn’t stop slurping because it was addictive delicious.

I would say it is quite worth it for 4 person.

If the seafood beehoon is not enough I recommend foodie to try the dumplings from this stall too, they served delicious Shandong dumplings.

Blk 304 Ubi Avenue 1
Singapore 400304

Opening Hours:
Daily: 11am – 3pm, 5pm – 930pm
Check out their facebook for updates


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