Yi Peng Festival in Chiang Mai

Sky lantern release at Mae Jo had been held for a number of years. The Lanna Dhutanka temple in the Mae Jo district of Chiang Mai province have arranged a mass sky lantern release to paying homage to Buddha.

This event was used to be open to everyone and as the event became better known there was a huge spike of tourists attending it. Usually there will be a ticketed event price at $100USD and a free event but the dates will not be released quite early. As the event was during Loy Krathong, more tourist and people had already book the good location hotel.

I am lucky to attend this event for a few years and the event was awesome.

yp1Walking to the Lanna Dhutanka temple and there many street food vendors along the way.

yp2The usual street food like squid, squid egg, sausage and grill pork (moo ping). I suggest you buy some food as you need to be there early to find a good spot for the lantern release.

yp3Welcoming party and some students getting people for donation.

yp4You can see the crowded all getting ready and some came as early as 1pm to get a good location although the event starts about 8+pm. Lucky I bought this Sticky rice in Bamboo (Thai Khao Lam). There are two main versions, one made with normal white sticky rice, and the other made with black sticky rice. There are 2 versions, one made with white sticky rice, and the other made with black sticky rice. Inside the bamboo are delicious sticky rice and extremely rich and quite sweet. It is not easily seen in Bangkok.


When you walk along the way to the main area there will be a lot of people selling lanterns but I made my purchase in the temple at 100 baht each.


Lastly here is a video hope you enjoy it

Getting there and Tips:

  • You can take the red car and go to Lanna Dhutanka
  • You can check the with hotel or guesthouse that provides the transport to the event
  • You still can see from outside for the mass release of lanterns

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