Authentic Mun Chee Kee King of Pig’s Organ Soup – 正正文志记猪什汤大王

One of the best pig’s organ soup stall in Singapore. The interior of the stall has a amazing atmosphere and nostalgic ambiance of old Singapore.


Tried both their Two Signature dishes

Pig’s Organ Soup at $4/$6 large bowl of mixed pig’s organ soup with meat balls, pork slices, pork belly slices, salted vegetables, bean curd and the liver dip with robust, clear and sweet broth. Every ingredients are nicely cook and it is munchy. The soup can be refill if you wanted more.


Flowery pork ball $4

This dish is recommended when you are here. It is quite unique as the pork ball is sliced like a flowery shape. I guess they sliced it in this way for easy frying of the pork ball. This a recommended side dish to go along with the Pig Organ’s Soup.


Please get your seat number before ordering your food and those who drive may have a problem during peak hours.



207 Jalan Besar (Sam Leong Road)
opp Jalan Besar Plaza Singapore

Opening Hours:

Sunday 8:30AM–4:30AM
Monday Closed
Tuesday 8:30AM–5AM
Wednesday 8:30AM–5AM
Thursday 8:30AM–5AM
Friday 8:30AM–5AM
Saturday 8:30AM–5AM

Nearest MRT:
Farrer Park, Lavender



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