Heap Seng Leong

Heap Seng Leong – Old school kopi tiam

heap_seng_leong1Heap Seng Leong is a classic old school coffee shop where they still uses traditional bread for their Kaya Toast. Lightly toasted with bit of charcoal smokiness and kaya is spread in thin layer and a piece of butter sandwiched in between.


The toast bread is complemented with the Butter Kopi and it is a perfect choice for breakfast or for afternoon tea. Not the usual kopi, kopi siew dai or kopi c. First look as if you are drinking butter but it melted quite quickly and when you stired and mix with the condensed milk it taste some sort of creamier and less acidic i guess.


Unique and value for money – $2.30

10 North Bridge Road
Singapore 190010

Opening Hours:
4pm – 7pm

Review Overview

Good value place for breakfast set meal with butter coffee, toast bread and half boiled eggs

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