Lan Zhou La Mian 蘭州拉面

An authentic hand pulled noodle shop in Singapore Chinatown Smith Street also known as the “Food Street”. Recommended to try are the Minced pork handmade noodles and Steamed dumplings (Xiao Long Bao).

Had the fried hokkien prawns noodle instead basically they used the handmade noodles instead so it had a great texture and the thickness of noodles which give a nice chewable mouthful and it picks up the sauces nicely.

The steam dumplings I think were not bad they were hot juicy and freshly made, lots of meats packed inside the tender skin. It breaks easily though so be careful.

Also tried the new dish “Salted egg chicken” recommended by the waitress, the salted egg taste was great and flavorful and the meat was thick too.

Although very dishes the portion may look small when everything were consume it actually quite filling for the day.

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