Malacca Jonker Street Traditional Misua @ Serangoon Garden Market [Closed]

A new stall in the food centre at Serangoon Garden Market and previously they were situated at Beauty World Centre.

Their signature dish will be Malacca Traditional Misua Soup. The signature bowl of misua and the broth was pretty decent as well and together with prawn, slices of fish, lala, vegetables and saito (whitefin wolf herring) fishball which makes a quick and delicous ingredients to match the bowl of misua. Thumbs up for the handsome fishball it taste really good and delicious.

Next the Nonya chilli prawn noodle with 4 big prawns and lala covered by thick savoury gravy which is similar to the local chilli crab sauce. It is not very spicy but more on the sweet size. I think if they can add some saito fishball it will be great.

For chilli lovers you can add their home made chilli to add spiciness to your food. Take note of the after effect which kicks in awhile.

Food Market #01-05
49A Serangoon Garden Way
Singapore 555945

Opening Hours:
Thurs – Sun (8am – 9pm)


Review Overview

Will go back again for their Meesua and handmade fishballs

  • Holiao6.5
User Rating: 3.5 ( 1 Votes )

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