Teochew Big Brother 潮州大兄 – Authentic Teochew Braised Duck 正宗潮州卤鸭 [Closed]

Teochew Big Brother 潮州大兄
We were lucky enough to have actress Apple Chan invite us to try out the newly-opened stall at Toa Payoh – Teochew Big Brother.

Located at Blk 9 Toa Payoh Industrial Park #01-1209 Singapore 319061, Teochew Big Brother serves authentic homemade Teochew cuisine. Although it is located in a factory area, you can easily access the location with bus service 238 from Toa Payoh Interchange, and it only takes a few stops to reach the location.

If you are afraid of big crowds and not enough seats, fear not – there are ample seats in the coffee shop, making it ideal for family dinners or group gatherings.

Now, on to the food:
Their signature dish is the Teochew Braised Duck. The duck meat was soft and has a very tender texture, and the skin was not too oily as well. The gravy that accompanied the dish was simple, flavourful, and light, which complemented the taste of the duck meat without overpowering its taste.

Teochew Braised Duck From Teochew Big Brother

We also tried the Scallion Oil Chicken. While it looks like the Bai Zhan Ji from your everyday Hainanese chicken rice stalls, this dish focuses more on the scallion oil flavour. The tender moist meat, paired with the homemade scallion oil, will definitely amaze you.

Scallion Oil Chicken from Teochew Big Brother

Last was the Red Grouper Seafood Platter, containing the titular red grouper, together with prawns, scallops and vegetables. When mixed into the soup, the flavour from the seafood and vegetables seeps into the soup, giving it a tinge of sweetness.

Red Grouper Seafood Platter from Teochew Big Brother

For the health conscious, you will be happy to know that no MSG is added into the soup, and only fresh seafood and vegetables are used.

Meat lovers can try the Hong Kong-style Beef Brisket Steamboat. We cannot give a review of it as we didn’t try it, but we will the next time we visit.

Sugar Coated Fried Yam from Teochew Big Brother

Complimentary – Sugar Coated Fried Yam

If you want your food to be prepared fresh, it is better to call Brother Randy (the store owner) in advance to reserve your table.


Blk 9 Toa Payoh Industrial Park
Singapore 319061

Opening Hours:
Lunch 11am – 3pm
Dinner 6pm – 11pm
Close on Every Monday Night

Tel: 9067 0800

潮州大兄 Big Brother Facebook Page

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