13 Stages - 7 Flavours Of Chicken Rice and 13 Types Of Kopi

13 Stages – 7 Flavours Of Chicken Rice and 13 Types Of Kopi

13 stages food eatery at Kallang wave mall opened by Mark Lee 李国煌 local celebrity.

There are 7 different flavors of the chicken which the featured are Imperial, Dang Gui, Indo, Sesame, Mala, Assam and Curry.

They are served in dim sum basket accomppied with a plate chicken rice and a bowl of soup. Please also dip the very tender chicken into the dark soy sauce and chilli sauce which will make it even savoury.

Personally if you like savoury and intense taste the Assam is the best followed by Indo and Curry.

Assam Flavour

What is also unique is that they also served brewtifully crafted kopi flavors from the 13 States of East and West Malaysia. You can order your coffee hot or cold and choose to customise with any two choices. If you are in a dilemma you can try the Gem of 3 states coffee.

Gem of 3 States

Having a nice cup of coffee should always best savored with other snack such as the Crispy Ducky Wrap.

Crispy Duck Wrap

Overall, it was a good dining experience at 13 stages, the big, tender and juicy chicken thigh in a dim sum basket is worth it.

1 Stadium Place
#01-41, Kallang Wave Mall
Singapore 397628

Opening hours:
Daily 10am to 9pm


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