Charcoal Style – Kin Tub Thai Steamboat

Looking for a place for late night supper you can head to Kin Tub Thai Steamboat at Peace Centre.

We ordered the A1 Standard Platter(M) at $69.90 and A2 Meat lover set at $44.90 and each came with vegetable sets. I think it was bit too much for 5 people but if everyone is super hungry you can ordered this combo.


The seafood were frozen fresh with big prawns and squid and not too bad the meat were well seasoned and that made it very flavorful and tender when it was bbq over the charcoal steamboat. Seldom Moo Kata steamboat uses charcoal over here in Singapore.

The staffs there were also very helpful to our request to add more hot charcoal so we can bbq the ingredient much faster.

Just dip everything into the chilli sauce and the taste will even better.


1 Sophia Rd, Peace Centre
Singapore 228149

Opening Hours:
5pm – 7am


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Place for late night supper

  • Holiao7
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