Ming Chung Restaurant

White Lor Meemingchung1A little different from the usual dark sauce for Lor Mee. It is Ming Chung Restaurant Signature dish the White Lor Mee ($8) with lots of ingredient such as yam, clams, eggs and prawns. The texture of the noodles is just right and I love the simple yet deep robust taste of the white sauce.

Stir Fried Clams – La La
mingchung3Another signature dish is Stir fried Clams (la la) – ($12) in spicy sauce and overall is cook to perfection.

Batang Fish – Mackerel Fish
mingchung2Lastly the deep friend batang fish (Mackerel fish) – ($10) which was marinated with their special sauce. It is very crispy and fluffy in the inside.


67 Maude Road
Singapore 208348

Opening Hours:
3pm – 1130pm (close on Mon)


Review Overview

Overall, it served a very good place for those who want to try authentic Henghua Cuisine. Great place for Zi Char too

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